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Southern Gas Network Hastings scrub clearance.

Our client required clearance of all scrub and vegetation to this and other sites. We made an assessment of the requirement and then selected the most appropriate machine for the works, being our 90 hp alpine tractor fitted with our Seppi forestry mulcher. Which made short work of mulching all vegetation over a 2 day duration, creating an open site with clear unobstructed views in preparation for resale and therefore maximising value potential. 


Site Clearance & Bank Cutting

Sittingbourne site clearance.

We were asked by our client to clear the vegetation for the best cost, as it was subject to a development survey and required a clear view.

We were instructed to provide a cost, method of works with anticipated duration.

Previously other contractors had taken three days to complete the works. But with our knowledge, innovative equipment (Rotair Speedy Cutter), highly experienced and qualified staff, we managed to clear this site in under one day, saving the client time and money.