Tree Removal 

Folkestone Harber Cliff Top crane assisted tree removal.

Our client came to us requesting advise on method of removal of 2 multi stem Sycamore trees that were causing structural problems.

Following our site survey we assassinated the requirement of crane to assist in sectional dismantling and lowering of the trees.

The client was very impressed with our method of works and final outcome.   


Stump Grinding

Crystal Palace New Skate Park stump grinding.

Our client requested a solution for removal of 105 Conifer tree stumps. Our management carried out a site visit and concluded that due to disposal costs grubbing out was discarded. Our recommendation was to grind all stumps to 150mm below ground level, utility plans were supplied and we carried out CAT Scanning to confirm there were no services within the immediate proximity. 

 Due to the high output of our grinder we were able to carry out the works swiftly and without incident.