Tree Felling

This is a highly specialised task which should never be taken lightly. All our operatives have decades of experience in urban tree felling and dismantling technics and have all the latest up to date documented training. 

By hiring a person in the business of cutting trees, you have the assurance of putting the responsibility of doing the job safely for you and your property in their hands -  Let us give you that assurance.

We have fully trained and competent staff who take the job seriously. We always, where possible visit the site before undertaking any job, this enables us to assess the selection of equipment, allocation of staff and advanced knowledge of any potential hazards. We will always carry out a risk assessment prior to starting work.


Site Clearance

Site clearance can be defined as the process of removing trees, scrub, rubble, debris, garden vegetation etc.

This process is, where possible pre assessed to determine the size and nature of the area wishing to be cleared. We have all the necessary land clearance equipment together with the up to date training records. We can transform your site facilitating redevelopment potential.


Ground Maintenance

Our ground maintenance workers carry out a variety of tasks which all contribute to achieve a pleasant and functional outdoor environment.

All our operatives are fully trained for the job in hand, ranging from grass cutting, pruning, hedge trimming and reforming and shaping ornamental trees and shrubs, using chainsaws, stump grinders and chippers. Our customers range from large commercial to private individuals. 


Planting Schemes

There is nothing nicer than creating a good planting scheme, to enable you to enjoy an idyllic green space all year round. In most instances we will work to landscape architects site plan to achieve the desired outcome. We can offer our professional expertise from the planning stage to ultimately planting out and maintaining. Whether you require help with tree selection, nature conservation, formal or informal planting we can design, install and maintain the perfect space for you.


Tree Surgery

Major work on mature trees is best left to qualified tree surgeons, otherwise irreparable damage can be done. Our staff are all trained to cultivate, prune, fell, reduction thinning, pollarding and crown all manner of trees, large or small. We use our expert knowledge to conduct inspections, plan practical work, and provide advice both from large organisations to the smaller home owner who might be looking to clear trees for safety reasons, aesthetics or redevelopment.


Weed Control

The removal of weeds, although sometimes a thankless task is useful and necessary. This unwanted vegetation competes for space, water and nutrients all at the expense of the plants and shrubs you value, weeds in hard areas should be controlled as the growth of the root structure can undermine and lift the surface, instigating a costly repair. Ideally weed control should be carried out when they are immature, but we are well aware this is not always possible. The use of chemicals can sometimes have an adverse effect on the environment, humans and animals and should be used with caution. All our operatives have complete training in the use of pesticides and chemicals, backed up with up to date certificates and records.